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4.3″ Color TFT LCD Foldable Monitor


4.3″ Color TFT LCD Foldable Monitor 

4.3 inch High-resolution Color TFT LCD monitor

Foldable and portable, Easy to install

Full color TFT LCD display, Low power consumption

With 2 road video input port, white video cable connects to car rearview camera, the yellow one connects to DVD or VCD, White video cable is priority signal input, when 2 road has signal input, the machine will prioritize the white end signal

Supports Car Backup Camera, DVD, VCD, STB, Satellite receiver, and other video equipments

No Audio input or output

Car Rear View Camera 

DC 12V Input for 12V Cars

7 IR LEDs up to 10-15 meters(Night Vision Automatic)

IP68 Water-proof-Rating

120 degree wide angle viewing helps avoid accidents & injuries

Easy to mount

Wireless Car Rear View Camera receiver and transmitter

Take one minute get your camera become a wireless camera

Convert any reversing camera with a standard phono/RCA connector into a  wireless camera with this universal transmitter and receiver kit

Eliminates the need to run a cable the length of the vehicle, just connect the transmitter at the camera end and the receiver at the monitor end

The transmitter also includes a handy pass through for the power so you can connect it inline with your camera

Wireless transmitter with male phono plug and male 3.5mm power plug


4.3″ Color TFT LCD Foldable Monitor 

Screen size: 4.3 inch

Resolution: 480 x 234

Standard: PAL/NTSC

Video in: AV1/AV2

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Power Supply: DC 12V

Brightness: 300 nits

Color: Black

Housing: ABS

Package Size: 150 x 117 x 72mm

Package Weight: 286g

Package Included:

1 x 4.3″ Car Monitor
1 x 7LEDs Car Rear View Camera
1 x Wireless Transmitter
1 x Wireless Receiver
1 x Power Cable
1 x Monitor Mat
1 x User Manuals


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