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High Altitude 1.5 Storey Single Tent


Product information:

Tent size: single person

Color: brown

Tent weight: about 1580g

Tent structure: single-layer account

Applicable season: four seasons

Setting up of the tent: the required opening size (length * width * height cm): 220cm * 190cm * 92cm

Tent space structure: one bedroom

Internal account materials: 20D Monofila Micronet

External account waterproof index: more than 3000MM

Bottom waterproof index: more than 3000MM

Support material: aluminum alloy

Outer tent material: nylon cloth

Account base material: 40DTPU


1. Powerful hydrophobic performance, effectively preventing the hall from dewing and dropping into the inner tent, and avoiding rain rebound and splash

2. Air mobility, improve anti condensation performance, and avoid hypoxia in mountain snow tent

3. The opening and closing are smooth, reliable, stable and waterproof.

Packing list:


Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 350 cm



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